General Selection

12/05/2020 Day 133

Eph 1:6-8

‘Grace’ is a short, one syllable word. But like some small people say, the best presents come in the smallest packages! But there is a great truth here when we consider grace. It is God’s undeserved favour which each of us enjoys as a follower of Jesus. We can celebrate and share that grace with others in many ways, including through digital interconnectedness. Using social media platforms to communicate optimism and hope carries a message of grace to the furthest corners of the earth, into spaces we may never know exist.

Our mission is to help the Christian community take hold of all the opportunities offered by the online digital revolution.  We have been encouraged by the extent to which Voice of Hope has carried a message of sustaining faith within the reality of everyday life digitally.

Each year people seeking God’s grace find magazines or websites and come to faith, or grow in their faith as a consequence. We celebrate this wonder of God’s grace as well as continue to pray for more people to discover the truth of the gospel in Caversham Parks upcoming 50th year (2021).  The digital space offers a huge missional opportunity, in which Christian content is instantly available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Pray and support us as we build our digital platform under the guidance of God in response to Jesus’ command in Acts 1:8 to carry the gospel to the “ends of the earth”.