A Week on Creation

A Week of Creation

Dear <<First Name>>

I hope you’ve found our, long, journey through Exodus has been fruitful.  Like Genesis, it is a book we think we know but are always surprised by.  We leave that book now and spend a week thinking about Creation.

In response to a call from the Ecumenical Patriarch many communions observe a month of Creationtime between September and October.  The Covid 19 pandemic showed us the dangers of abusing animals,  how the planet can start to recover when human activity is scaled down and, despite the postponement of the Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, we are still facing a climate emergency. 

For the week ahead we will be thinking of the earth, our fragile home, as part of the majesty of God’s creation and challenge ourselves to embrace, protect, and conserve it and the life which teems here.

with every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston,
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC