The Basis of Union

The Basis of Union

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed our tour though the Book of Jonah.  Tomorrow morning we start a new series looking at the URC’s Basis of Union.

Unlike Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox or Lutheran churches we don’t always recite a credal statement in our weekly worship; sometimes leading to a sense that we don’t have firm or fixed beliefs as a denomination.  We do, of course, use the Statement on the Nature, Faith and Order at inductions and ordinations of ministers and elders and this is reasonably well known in its responsorial form. 

Less well known, however, is our Basis of Union.  The Basis  is a foundational constitutional document of the United Reformed Church which sets out our theology.  It was adopted at the our formation and can only be amended by the General Assembly after a full consultation process.  It is the theological foundation upon which our denomination is built and deserves to be better known. 

Over the next few weeks we are going to be reading through the Basis, often with a piece of Scripture, and reflect upon each part of our theological foundations.

We hope you find this next series useful as we more fully understand the theology which undergirds the URC.

with every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston,
Co-ordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC.